In Retrospect
~ * * * * * * ~

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it's lethal." - Paulo Coelho.

We are beautiful souls.
We have creative spirits.
We possess great potential.
We drink and enjoy wine.
My friends are the only
clock that I live by.
All of my time is time for them.

I'm Bon.
I grew up by the seaside on the South East coast of Australia.
Home was in the city of Melbourne,
until I moved to Lake Louise, Alberta. Canada.
Now, I am in love with a man
and we live in the Mountains.

I am Stephen Chbosky's Wallflower.
All of us are infinite.

"I promise."


broccoli floret crowns are better than flower crowns


Linda Evangelista & Christy Turlington photographed by Ellen von Unwerth, 1994


"LSD"…a collection of long-exposure photographs in a forest with the camera pointed up to space by Benoit Paillé.

~~soooo hungover, so come down, sooo saaad~~



I haven’t had a scanner on this trip but I’ve had my travel watercolor set and I just want you all to be assured I’ve been sketching like a mad woman! my vacation ends tomorrow :~)


going to do this look for the partay tomorrow night :)))


Vogue US Nov 1996 - Kristen McMenamy by Arthur Elgort

okay ppl i need help.

what are some of the BEST places you or someone you know has eaten in Vegas? I want to spend one of the nights we’re there next month somewhere wonderful (budget is no boundary right now, i want something that I will walk away thinking ‘errrmagawd that was soooo good’ so the bill is of no real concern at this stage in the research process) and keep in mind that i’m a foodie so I will look into who the chef is and what the history is and i will write stories about it and take photos like asian tourists do in western countries. 

okay, now shoot! ideas, ideas, ideas!
Message me please and thanks xoxox 


can i pls be back there i need it so bad


oh wow.

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